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About the Tijara Coalition

Established in 2001, The Tijara Coalition is an alliance of key Jordanian
business associations and government agencies dedicated to promoting
bilateral trade and investment through enhancing the opportunities of the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (JUSFTA).

After the successful conclusion of its 2004-2007 Tijara strategy that was instrumental in supporting the implementation of JUSFTA.
In 2008, Members decided to revamp “Tijara” to give it a more focused agenda within the following areas of activities:

  • Serve as a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  • Conduct broad-based awareness and information campaigns.
  • Represent the interests and concerns of Tijara members through effective advocacy.
  • Establish linkages with U.S. based trade and investment institutions.
  • Facilitate the development and delivery of capacity building activities.

Over the past years, the coalition was dormant, due to; the smooth progressive implementation of the JUSFTA- on the one hand and on the other hand, Jordan’s trade liberalization policy of entering into both bilateral and regional free trade arrangements with key trading partners, including the EU and Canada, next to the GAFTA. That contributed to focusing business’s export efforts on neighboring markets, as well as to lack of specific resources to support the initiative’s growth activities.
Today, the continued regional unrest and the spillover effect that has had on Jordan’s traditional export markets of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Liberia. Has placed urgency on the businesses community and government to act to better utilize the potentials and opportunities available to them; as a result of the unique economic relations between Jordan and the U.S. supported by the free trade and investment treaties.
Accordingly, and with support from the USAID Jordan Competiveness Program, the Tijara Coalition was relaunched in 2017, under the patronage of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply. In order to work jointly together to contribute to unlocking the benefits embodied within the legal instruments inforce between the two trading partners, with a view to creating a competitive and enabling environment that encourages two-way investments, exports and employment generation.

Working Principles

Tijara Coalition Stategy 2018-2022


Tijara Members

Committee Member Website
Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) https://jic.gov.jo/portal
Jordan Customs (JC) https://www.customs.gov.jo/ar/index.aspx
Jordan Food & Drug Administration (JFDA) http://www.jfda.jo/
USAID – Jordan Competiveness Program http://www.jcp-jordan.org/en
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) https://www.usaid.gov/jordan
US Embassy – Commercial Services https://jo.usembassy.gov/
US Embassy – Economic Section https://jo.usembassy.gov/
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) http://www.aseza.jo/
Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) http://www.jedco.gov.jo/
Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) http://www.jsmo.gov.jo/en/Pages/default.aspx
Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) http://www.jocc.org.jo/index_en.php
Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) http://www.jci.org.jo/
Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) http://www.ammanchamber.org.jo/default_en.aspx?lang=en
Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) http://www.aci.org.jo/development/en/
Zarqa Chamber of Industry (ZCI) http://www.zci.org.jo/
Zarqa Chamber of Commerce (ZCC) http://www.zarqachamber.org/index.php?lang=ar
Irbid Chamber of Industry (ICI) http://www.ici.com.jo/
Irbid Chamber of Commerce (ICC) http://www.icc.org.jo/index.php?l=en&pg=SG9tZQ==
Business Associations
Jordan Businessmen Association (JBA) http://www.jba.com.jo/
Jordan Exporters Association http://www.jordanexporters.org/
Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) http://jsf.org/ar
Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) http://www.yeajordan.com/
Eastern Amman Investors Industrial Association http://eaiia.org/
Jordan SMEs Association http://jordansmes.com/message.html
Sectoral Associations
Information and Communications  Technology Associations (intaj) http://www.intaj.net/
The Jordanian Association Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (JAPM) http://www.japm.com/Public/main_english.aspx?Lang=2&Page_ID=101
Jordan Stone & Tile Exporters & Producers Association (JOSTONE) http://www.jostone.com/
Jordan exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA) http://www.jepa.org.jo/index.php?lang=ar
Jordan Furniture Exporters & Manufacturers Association  (JFEMA) http://www.jfema.org/?C=N;O=D
Jordan Olive Products Exporters Association (JOPEA) http://www.jopea.com/
Jordan Garments, Accessories, & Textiles Exporters’ Association (JGATE)


Jordanian Association for Manufacturers and Exporters of Footwear


Dead Sea Products Manufacturers’ Association http://www.deadseaassociation.com/


Tijara Committees

– Executive Committee

– Trade Committee

– Investment Committee

– Advocacy and policy Committee