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Tender Notification System

The service has the following features:

1. Tenders Notification System (TNS) content:

  • Tender announcements classified by┬ásector & sub-sector
  • Briefs on projects still in the pre-tendering phase
  • Project awards: This includes contract value, completion time and funding involved, if available
  • Information on loans and grants, including repayment conditions
  • Miscellaneous economic and market news and analysis
  • Published statements on company performance
  • Information about privatization and investment projects

2. Automatic email alert:

  • Subscribers can receive a list of new tender announcements related to specified sectors and sub-sectors by email on a regular basis
  • In addition to tender announcements, subscribers receive projects and news

3. Personalization:

  • Subscribers can save time by creating personalized profile of frequently accessed sectors and sub-sectors
  • Subscribers can select the criteria of tenders they would like to search and receive by email alerts.