Letter from the Chairman 2020-04-18T00:10:24+00:00

Eng. Mohammed S. Bataineh

Chairman, Board of Directors

The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan (AmCham-Jordan) is proud to be marking more than 17 years of achievements and partnerships that have strengthened and expanded trade and investment ties between the United States and Jordan. The Jordan-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the cornerstone of this relationship, has resulted in almost $3 Billion worth of evenly balanced bilateral trade in 2015.

Such accomplishments come as Jordan continues to wrestle with major challenges resulting from the on-going tragic developments throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which threaten the Kingdom’s social, economic and political landscapes.

As we remain committed to our mission and respond to our members’ needs, AmCham-Jordan has adopted several initiatives and designed programs to assist the business community and facilitate its development. We recently concluded an extensive collaborative effort between AmCham-Jordan, the US Embassy, and the Jordan Anti-Corruption Commission (JACC) with the publication of the region’s first Private Sector Code of Conduct. The document was drafted with the aim of increasing Jordanian business transparency and integrity as well as investor confidence.

In further support of the Jordan-US investment climate, AmCham-Jordan launched the “Exports Diversification Program” under the FTA in 2016 which also included the expansion of AmCham Jordan and the addition of our new FTA and Business Development units. These developments will contribute to even greater understanding and utilization of the Jordan-US FTA by companies from both sides.

We have also signed a $600,000 grant agreement with the USAID-funded Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP) to support FTA objectives during the next 18 months. A special note of gratitude and appreciation go to the people of the United States represented by the USAID mission in Jordan.

As we have grown and evolved, it has become even more important to work together and plan together to achieve our common goals. To that point, we recognize and appreciate those who have shared the vision, created the goals, led the efforts and generated the success AmCham currently enjoys. We count on the continuous support of our members and AmCham partners, and we look forward to working with prospective and existing partners during the New Year as AmCham continues to be a robust economic engine in Jordan

On behalf of myself, our Board, and AmCham-Jordan staff, we would like to thank U.S. Ambassador Alice G. Wells and her team at the US Embassy for their unwavering support and belief in our organization’s mission. We further extend our sincere gratitude to the Government of Jordan in providing the necessary resources for AmCham to deliver on commitments to both Jordan and our members.

We look forward to continue working with all relevant entities and organizations from the public and private sectors of Jordan and the United States to help us carry on achieving our mission of promoting more US – Jordan Business.


Mohammed Bataineh
Chairman, Board of Directors