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Who should join?

AmCham welcomes Jordanian companies and individuals with American
equity or significant business interests in the United States, and American
companies with branches, agents or representative offices in Jordan. US
citizens residing in Jordan with significant business or professional
relationships with the US may also become members.

Why should you join?

Joining AmCham Jordan provides you and your company with several
exciting benefits. We offer networking opportunities, business
development programs, exposure and more to our members. We have
numerous events throughout the year where members can network with
each other, in addition to providing more specialized events within specific
business sectors.

Our business development programs, such as the ILO-certified

Expand Your Business, have helped many members develop their business
potential. Members gain exposure within Jordanian and American business
communities through our website, the annual Membership Directory and
sponsorship opportunities that never fail in offering the exact exposure our
members need.

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