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The JUSFTA provides for the liberalization of bilateral trade in services, stating that “each Party shall accord to services and service suppliers of the other Party, in respect of all measures
affecting the supply of services, treatment no less favorable than that it accords to its
own like services and service suppliers.

The JUSFTA provides for services liberalization under two sets of obligations. The first is a set of general concepts, principles and rules that apply to all measures affecting trade in services which are the same as those obligations under the WTO. The second is a specifically negotiated obligations that constitute commitment that are listed in each Party’s respective list of commitments/schedule.

The Parties undertook specific market-opening commitments in the following sectors:

  • Business (including professional and computer) services
  • Communication services
  • Construction and engineering services
  • Distribution services
  • -Educational services
  • Environmental services
  • Financial (insurance and banking) services
  • Health services
  • Tourism and travel services
  • Recreational, cultural and sporting services
  • Transport services
  • Other services not included elsewhere

While Electronic Commerce is explicitly covered in the Joint Statement on Electronic Commerce whereby both parties are committed to promoting a liberalized trade environment for electronic commerce that should encourage investment in new technologies and stimulate the innovative use of networks to deliver products and services. Both countries agreed to avoid imposing customs duties on electronic transmissions, imposing unnecessary barriers to market access for digitized products, and impeding the ability to deliver services through electronic means.
Jordan also exports services to the U.S. Jordan registered exports to the U.S. of around U.S. $ 100 million dollars in 2013, in sector such as IT, consulting as well as tourism as well as health services. The total value of services traded is probably much greater. However, the lack of statistics makes any concrete estimate difficult to make.