“Invest in Kurdistan Conference”

On March 25th-26th, 2019, The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan represented by it’s Chairman Eng. Mohammed Bataineh and Deputy CEO Ms. Raghad Alkhojah attended the “Invest in Kurdistan Conference” which took place on March 25th-26th, 2019 at the Landmark Hotel.

The conference, organized by the Jordanian-Kurdish Friendship Association, kicked off with a speech by Dr. Noori Othman (Chairman of the Kurdistan Board of Investment) on behalf of Kurdistan’s Prime Minister, and featured Dr. Kamran Al-Mufti (Director general of the Contract Evaluation and Authorization Department of the Kurdistan Board of Investment), Mr. Hoger Shali (Agent Minister, KRG’s Ministry of Electricity), Mr. Soran Salahaddin (Adviser , KRG’s Ministry of Trade & Industry) Ms. Mufida Younis Mustafa (Legal Adviser KRG’s Ministry of Municipalities & Tourism), Dr. Abdelrahim Mustafa (General Manager , Ministry of Agriculture& Water Resources) and Ms. Hulaila Nijmeddine ( GM, industrial Zones KRG Investment Commission).

The conference provided a holistic economic outlook on KRG and the investment climate and available opportunities in the following sectors:
1. Oil and Gas.
2. Energy (both traditional and renewable}.
3. Health.
4. Education.
5. Industry.
6. Agriculture.
7. Tourism.
8. Security Sector, telecommunication and Information Technology.
9. Financial and Business Sector, Finance and Banking and Insurance Sector.
10. Transport and communications Sector, Roads and Railways Sectors.

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